My Story...

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, I am the proud daughter of a retired 24-year veteran of the US Army. Most of my life growing up was spent on military bases throughout the United States where I learned to engage and connect with people of diverse backgrounds

I attended Cannons International Business College in Honolulu, HI with a concentration in Legal Administration. I later interned at the Law Firm of Dan Willis where I researched law, analyzed data, and prepared cases for court.


In the mid-90s I returned to school attending Georgia Medical Institute in Marietta, GA to become a certified Medical Assistant and interned at the Atlanta Heart Institute with a focus in geriatric care.

I later worked for an internal medicine doctor as the office clinical medical assistant, and assisted doctors in medical procedures as needed.


We moved to CO and I started working for the City County of Denver as the Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Manager of Public Relations for DIA.  I had the opportunity to be a part of the management team for the Ambassador Program and Passenger services


I served in the Colorado State Senate during 2017 session as a Legislative Aide. I learned the legislative process and had the opportunity to meet with constituents’, lobbyists and stakeholders.  I was present for several bill signings where I represented the office of Senate District 25. In 2017 I ran for School Board District 27J where I had the opportunity to engage with parents, teachers, students, and administrators of local area schools, giving me a deep understanding of education challenges. 


Campaign work:  

Republican campaigns including the 2008 McCain/Palin, and House District 56 campaigns. The 2012 Romney/Ryan campaign, and the 2016 Trump/Pence and Senate District 25 campaigns.

Engage America to support 2nd amendment gun rights in 2016.



Community Outreach: 

Co-created “Brighton supports the troops in Afghanistan” and “Hope for the children of Afghanistan”, which was aired on Good Morning America as an inspirational story for the holidays.



Public Relations:  

Acting Ambassador of Denver to the Dutchess of York; Liaison between the City County of Denver and White House Communications during the Denver Summit of Eight.


I am married to my high school sweetheart, we moved to Colorado 24yrs ago, and we have 4 amazing sons. We have lived on a ranch in Adams county for over 2 decades.

I feel led to run for office for such a time as this, and I am honored for this opportunity I have a passion for our cause, and I want to be a voice for the people. My faith will guide my decisions and keep me grounded.


God bless

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