• Academic Achievement – I support high academic standards and achievement in education, and allocating sufficient financial and human resources to reach that goal.

  • Local Control – School districts, not state and federal governments should have the authority to make the decisions that affect their schools and students. 

  • School Choice – Parents and students should have the opportunity to select from a wide range of educational options that best meet the needs of their children including a a wide range of career pathways. Students should not be trapped in failing schools.

  • Fund Professional Mental Health Counselors – With a 58% increase in teen suicide in Colorado, it is time to invest in school based professional mental health counselors to meet the growing demands of our troubled youth while protecting student and parental rights.


Energy Development

  • I support responsible energy development to deliver low cost power to homes, vehicles and businesses that fuel our economy.

  • I oppose excessive regulations that drive oil and gas businesses out of our state along with the jobs and tax revenues.


  • I support high quality healthcare solutions that improve access to affordable healthcare for all Coloradans.

  • I believe in the right of individuals to choose the healthcare plans and treatments that are right for them and their children without government mandates.

Jobs & State Economy

  • I support economic development and growth as the sustainable approach to fund and balance the state budget--not raising taxes.

  • I pledge to work with local leaders to remove barriers to becoming a more business and worker friendly state.

Public Safety

  • I support safe streets and adequate funding and training for our police.

  • I support the right of citizens to protect themselves and to come to the aid of others who may need protection.


  • I appreciate the sacrifices our veterans have made to secure our freedoms, and I will always support our men and women in uniform.

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